WWE 2K14 : Universe Mode 4.0 Notes


  • - We can now set or own Rivalries in Universe (both Single and Tag Team)
  • - Random Rivalries can still happen
  • - Menu Music is Superstar based again
  • - Daniel Bryan has been given Ted DiBiase’s Running Knee attack from WWE ’13
  • - We can now set our own Default attires in WWE Universe
  • - King of the Ring  tournaments  confirmed for Universe
  • - PPV Themes are able to be selected for Universe
  • - Kane has the same awful CAW-looking character model from WWE ’13
  • - Kane’s NEW Chokeslam is different from ABA Undertaker’s
  • - Female Championship’s can now take place as the “Main” Title for a Show
  • - NXT Championship Belt confirmed
  • RAW 1000th Episode Set is in WWE2K14
  • Hollywood Rock theme music in WWE 2K14

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