WWE 2K14 : Some NEW OMG Moments

Official WWE 2K14 CoverIn a recent article  by WWE 2K, moves such as Double Attitude Adjustment, Double Shellshock, Double ChokeSlam were confirmed as an OMG moments along with Boot-to-head on outside ringpost and DDT on the apron.

Here is what the article actually says

    • Catching Finishers can now be executed offensively, by Irish Whipping your opponent to the ropes with a finisher stored or catapulting your opponent up when they run towards you.
    • Select finisher moves give you the ability to launch an opponent into the air and then hit them with a Catch Finisher on the way back down.
    • New multi-man OMG Moments added to help you gain the upper-hand in multi-man matches. One OMG move can take out two opponents in one shot making it easier to get the win against multiple opponents.
      • Double Attitude Adjustment
      • Double Shellshock
      • Double Chokeslam
    • New OMG Moments added to allow you to dole out even more damage using the ring environment.
      • Boot-to-head on outside ringpost
      • DDT on the apron

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