WWE 2K14 : Officially Confirmed Notes


Taker, HBK and HHH

Credits to Thegamershub.net and Officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk

– There is a confirmation of there being 380 unlockables which includes attires, video clips, and more.
– The attention to detail within the 30 years of WM mode is astounding as they recreate the venues with the correct attires and arenas.
– The audio is taken from episodes of Raw. Everything from the bumps, the crowd, etc.
– The crowd screams “it’s clobbering time” along with CM Punk!
– The gameplay is apparently much more natural and free-flowing.
– All of the 45 matches in the 30 years of WM mode have video packages made by WWE.
– All of the WM arenas are officially confirmed in.
– Howard Finkel has three different models for the mode (’80s, ’90s and current).
– Davey Boy.. confirmed out?
– Hogan failing to lift Andre appears to be mode-exclusive as well.
– SummerSlam ’92 arena is confirmed not in.
– The AI waits around less relative to last year.
– While it is still easy to pick up the win against the AI, timing is crucial to this year’s gameplay.
– Bryan Williams hinted at Daniel Bryan’s “yes” entrance being in as an alternate.

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