WWE 2K14 : nWo DLC Pack new moves list



WWE 2K14 first DLC pack which is known as nWo Pack has been released now, below is the list of moves which are superstar specific and new to the game

  • 123 kicks (Syxx corner kicks)
  • Avalanche Samoan drop (Steiner? top rope corner)
  • Buzzkiller (Syxx chicken wing submission breaking point)
  • Chokeslam 10 (Giant finisher)
  • Diving dropkick (Syxx dive vs stand opp)
  • Dropkick 11 (Henning grapple dropkick pretty sweet)
  • Knee smash 2 (Nash, Giant or Steiner? stunned against ropes)
  • Lariat takedown (Syxx? running strike)
  • Perfect-plex (Henning finisher)
  • Rolling neck snap (Henning standing grapple, looks good)
  • Running turnbuckle smash (Steiner corner grapple, looks great)
  • Springboard cross body 2
  • Steiner elbow drop (grounded – side pin combo)
  • Steiner recliner (grounded side breaking point)
  • Steiner screwdriver (standing grapple)
  • Swinging knee lift (Henning standing grapple, nice addition)

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