WWE ’14 – Necessary Improvements for Create A Stable


Credit goes to X360AllDay

WWE 14 Featured

1. Allow superstars to be part of more than one stable/team at once.

2. Permit more than 5 members at a time.
Perfect for groups like: The NWO, Immortal, Aces and Eights, etc.

3. Freebird Rules option when tag team champions.

4. Manager option for stables rather than an extra stable spot
Examples: Rosa Mendes for Epico & Primo

5. Ability to write the desired team name you wish
without a limited number of characters and to look more realistic.
For example: you never saw “Santino & Kozlov” on
the screen when they made their entrance on TV.

6. Option to announce more team names, or
combining syllables like on create a superstar mode.

7. More than one Tag Team Finisher per team.

8. Extra unique entrances for original stables,
rather than the same generic entrances that
every other team has had for years now.

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