WWE ’14 : Create a Title with online title mode idea


This was written by WWEGaming.com Member David Savage

Create-A-Title with online title mode idea:

Create-A-Title mode;
This ‘must’ be greatly improved. There should be multiple different style straps, plates, side plates and different add ons to main plate like jewels, sparkle and extra smaller plants.

My idea is to have the created title more involved in the game rather than just making one and giving it to whoever you want. The title must be “prestigious”.

Each title created must gain prestige. To gain this, you must use the title on a show in Universe mode and through exhibition title matches. You will gain more prestige points (PP) playing through Universe mode.

These prestige point are gained for a reason; So you can play online “Title matches” with your created title.

Online Title match idea;

Once a player has maxed out a created title’s PP, the title is then eligible to defend ‘online’.

When a title is won online, that created title is saved to the winners saved created title section (about 30 saves). The won title can already be defended again straight away online unless edited and then PP will have to be added for the title to be defended online again.

Purpose of Prestige Points (PP);

The purpose is for the player to take time with their created titles. Gaining them prestige to make the title the top title in Universe mode.

Also, having the PP system would stop creators simply creating title after title to use online at will. After all that time gaining a created title’s prestige, the player will feel more attached to their created titles.

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