WWE ’13 Road to Wrestlemania XV (Character Unlock Guide)


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WWE ’13 Road to Wrestlemania XV (Character Unlock Guide)

Reward Character: Mr. McMahon

Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon

Main Objectives:
Win the Match

[On the menu, it will say there is a hidden objective here, but it doesn’t exist in the actual match]

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Prevent Mr. McMahon from climbing the cage [HIDDEN]
Climb to the top of the cage and escape to win [HIDDEN]
Perform a Stunner on Mr. McMahon [HIDDEN]

Reward Character: Paul Wight

Mankind vs. Steve Austin

Main Objective:
Win the match

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Perform the Double-arm DDT on Austin
Perform the Mandible Claw on Austin
Win by submission

Reward Character: Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon vs. X-Pac

Main Objective:

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Get X-Pac’s damage to “moderate”
Perform a finisher on X-Pac and pin him in 10 seconds [HIDDEN]

Completing all of the scenarios up to this point, including “Road To Wrestlemania XV” will earn you Kevin Nash.

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