WWE ’13 Prevent DLC from resetting your saved data.


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Find out how to prevent downloadable content from resetting your saved data.

WWE'13There is currently an issue where some users are experiencing the loss of some saved data after downloading WWE ’13 DLC. The issue affects PlayStation 3 and can result in the loss of Universe Mode settings as well as Superstar Threads data.

We recognize that this is a serious problem and are looking into permanent solutions, but in the meantime, there is a workaround to prevent any loss of your settings:

  • Download and install DLC from WWE Shop menu.
  • Return to the Main Menu.
  • Select Options, then select Save Manager.
  • Select Load and confirm the prompt.

Or, an alternate method that involves powering down your console:

  • Download and install DLC from WWE Shop menu.
  • Return to the Main Menu and do not select any other options.
  • Let the console sit for 10-15 seconds to ensure everything saves properly.
  • Power down the console.
  • Reboot and enjoy with saved settings and new DLC.

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