WWE ’13: Possible leaked news on Universe and Create Modes


1 You can restrict rosters to your liking for shows. Not sure about PPV’s. I could be wrong but im almost positive it was 5 or 6 for major shows and 7 for PPV’s

2. You can have as many major or minor shows during the week as you want. you can also have multiple PPV’s in a month but they have to be on Sundays. You could have a new PPV each week of the month if you wanted

3. We saw everything. The full game was there. Paul Heyman wrote the storylines for WWE Universe mode this year and there are TONS of them. I THINK they said over 200 stories were added but I could be wrong

4. Well thats how they described it. Im assuming its both. Remember the storylines arent that long. and usually only last a few weeks or a month in WWE universe

5. You can put a show on any day of the week and you can turn on or off things like injuries or storylines. If you simply want to just play without storylines you can turn them all off

6. Embargo lifts tuesday. You will have your proof then. I cant really post anything to prove it. I have an invitation letter but it has contact info all over it. And we werent allowed to take photos at the event.

7. CAW got some more parts and you can give your wrestler kickpads or just wearing kickpads and no boots like Kana. They also brought back being able to make your CAW any color you want so if you want an all green CAW you can do that… Story designer had a **** TON of scenes added to it but other than that its the same
…speaking of which the APA attires, titantrons and music are in the game. Its their alternate attires. Its not just Acolytes.

8. Create an arena is awesome though. you’ll spend hours with that. The only thing disappointing about that is that there really wasnt a “high school gym” arena like others said there would be

9. Create an entrance, titantron video, finisher are pretty much the same.

10. Question: Can you actually change the skin colour on the colour wheel this time? I hated having only one human skin tone you could pick. Answer: Yes

11. Question: Wait, so are kickpads an actual thing this time and not just a layer on top of boots? Answer: Kickpads are separate from boots now yes

All credit to this news goes to WEWANTMIKE_cole1114 on the WWE 13 THQ forums.

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