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    1. Title Histories do appear to be in the game. When I went to the individual shows they had a list of the titles. One of the menus when you click on a title is “Past Champions.” As you can see from the pic below, there were no champions listed, so I’m assuming they let us start from scratch instead of having Super Cena as a 10 time champ.
    2. Create an Arena – The arena’s look really good, especially the outside arenas. You can remove almost everything from the entrance way if you want to, including the lighting fixtures, screens, etc. This was my favorite part.
    3. Attitude Mode – I played two matches: Undertaker vs. Triple H from RAW and Shawn Michaels vs. British Bulldog at One Night Only. I usually turn the commentary off on these games but the Attitude Era mode commentary was actually really good. Undertaker model looks great, Triple H entrance attire is very nice too.
    4. Referee – Yes, the **** ref still shoves you down to the mat when you try to grapple him.
    5. Universe Mode – I didn’t have time to check anything but the titles and statistics. I’m pretty sure you cannot set a diva title as a major title.
    6. The Announce Table – I rock bottomed Mankind through a table in exhibition match. It was very smooth and easy to execute. You can do any move through the table.
    7. King of the Ring – standalone mode not in Universe. The announcers mentioned that it was King of the Ring in every match, I didn’t get all the way through but trust me when I say that King of the Ring will be addictive.


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