WWE ’13 New Info on Attitude Era mode plus unlockables in Attitude era mode confirmed


According to Cory Ledesma in an interview with WWE.COM, THQ worked closely with the great production team at WWE to create more than 20 exclusive Attitude Era video packages that players will be able to watch as they play throughout Attitude Era Mode.

According to them, they recreated all of the classic WWE arenas, television graphics and entrances from the time period.

Attitude Era mode is said to have more than 60 Attitude Era cutscenes that play out throughout the course of the mode, each telling the story as you play the matches. The Attitude Era roster has more than 30 Superstars and Divas from the time period, with lots of unlockable alternate attire options.

We also have more than 100 unlockables in the mode, as well as cool bonus features, such as WWE Attitude Era photos, videos and more.

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