WWE ’13 Guide : Get more storylines in Universe Mode


Credit to WWE.THQ.com  THQ community manager Aubrey for  tip # 1

Tip # 1

First, be aware that cut scenes don’t just occur randomly – they come about as a result of an ongoing storyline, just like on WWE television. By default, storylines are four weeks long and are built and set up by the Universe system. If you go into a match and edit or change it, then the in-process storyline will be turned off.

Fortunately, you don’t have to play every single match in order to see the storylines – you can simulate them if you prefer. But, since an important part of the storylines are the cutscenes, you have to actually see the cutscenes for the storyline to continue. That means that you can’t simulate your matches from the Universe match card menu, but must actually go into the match and choose to have the AI play through it for you. That way you’ll see the cutscenes and your storyline will continue progressing.

Note that if you create your own matches, you can still see cutscenes, but their results will not affect the booking of following weeks’ matches.

Additionally, please be aware that during storylines, Superstars will likely face one another multiple times, but with different cutscenes and different results – again, just like on WWE television.

A related topic has been the “Universe Feud Packs” 1 and 2, which unlock storylines specific to “Attitude Era” stars. In order for these to show up in your Universe, the Superstars in question need to be assigned to a roster that is in turn assigned as a Host Show to a Major Show. For instance, you can add the RAW is WAR! Roster as a Host Show, or simply change individual Superstars’ roster affiliation to a current Host Show.

Universe Feud Packs 1 and 2 contain more than 50 Feuds, but require the addition of “Attitude Era” stars in order for them to start showing up. Note that there are still many storylines that can be accessed by the contemporary roster and your created Superstars.

Tip # 2

Credit to WWEGaming,com member Brian Kusiak

What I did was reset my Universe mode. I made all the rivals and friends on each one’s list, I add some AE stars on shows, I put ONLY 30 super stars on both shows. Last I turn off the stories and saved, then turn them back on again. This actually is the best way to get cut scenes. I am getting at least 2-4 cut scenes per match and its great. So if any body wanted to know how to get all those dreams matches, then start with only about 20- 30 super stars on both shows and put the top 20 guys on your show and you will get all those dreams matches you wanted to play. Hope this helps.

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