WWE ’13 FAQs : How to have real dramatic matches in the game


Credit goes to Barber102 over at GameFaqs.com

some people say triple threat matches are bugged. Yes they are but I have found they only bug into a handicap match when your target is set to manual. So for three way dances set your target to auto.

Also for those who play on legend I suggest you stop and switch to hard. For some reason the ai is more aggressive. They tend to use they’re signatures more often as well as they will use finishers without a wake up taunt.

Now the juice sliders I for days have been trying to find some challenging back and forth action. To make it easier to understand I will use a scale of 0-20 with 10 being default.

Standing strikes reversal – 12
Standing grapple reversal – 18
Ground strike reversal – 14
Ground grapple reversal – 16
Finisher reversal – 15
Foreign object reversal – 15

Finisher strength- 12
Foreign object strength – 10

Standing strikes reversal – 0
Standing graple reversal – 0
Ground strike reversal – 1
Ground grapple reversal- 1
Finisher reversal – 15
Foreign object reversal – 5
Momentum rate attacks – 6
Momentum rate taunts – 3 ( generally below 5 is good)
Adrenaline rate – 7

Keep in mind this maybe to hard or easy but this setup has made my game more enjoyable with the A.I being more aggressive .

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