WWE ’13 DLC Pack 3 release date will now be announced on January 7th


According to WWE.THQ.COM, the WWE ’13 DLC Pack 3 release date which was to be revealed on January 3rd will now be revealing on January 7th at 5pm EST


We have no clue what caused them to change the dates however it does now make sense since XBL and PSN is updated mostly on Tuesday and Wednesdays therefore we can safely say that our previously predicted release date seems even more realistic now.

Here is what we said about the WWE ’13 DLC Pack 3 release date before

Although the stream will be on January 3rd but there are good chances that the actual DLC Pack might release the next day which will be January 4 (again just speculating, read below)

This speculation is based on the previous DLC Pack release, they live streamed the gameplay and the pack was released the day after.

But again PSN usually gets updated on Wednesdays and XBL on Tuesdays. So according to us the DLC might be released on January 8-9th

Therefore we know leave it upto you guys to decide yourself if you go by the above theory and dates.

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