10 things WWEGaming.com Fans Want in WWE’13


Great to see alot of great ideas, we released 100+ ideas but it was difficult to select the best 10 out of them, we apologize to the members about not selecting their idea.

The following post represents what WWEGaming.com Fans Want in WWE’13 Video Game:

  1. Ross McCubbin Says:  I like to see the challenges return. i really liked having to do the challenges to unlock people. I remember the hardest one was you had to fight The Great khali with you playing as Mickie James and you couldnt get out the ring. lol was hard but enjoyable
  2. Henry Suber Says:  Like in no mercy, the option to change attires completly. I can’t make david otunga’s attire look anything like his current one now.
  3. Jason Smith Says: More dlc from the time its released until the new game comes out the following year hence Wwe 14….like say every 3 months have a dlc pack…..and more authentic entrances and celebrations per superstar for title defenses and wins
  4. Steven Williamson Says: Some sort of kinect integration but not to the point where its stupid like Hulk Hogans Main Event .
  5. Alfredo Cabrera Says: I’m Fan Of The WWF-WWE Videogame Series. My First Videogame Was WWF Smackdown 2. And I Think Thats The Best Videogame Of WWE. The Game Are Simple. But Funny, The Roster Was Awesome! The Backstage Arenas That Are Incredible. I Think Was Better Than HCTP. 

    Well I Really Like Bring Back The Matches Like 3 Stanges Of Hell, Special Referee, I Quit, King Of The Ring Tournament (This Disappear After WWE SVR-08?) Slobberknocker! This One Are Really Incredible.

    I Really Like Create Things, The Caws Modals Are Amazing, Create An Arena I Like But I Want To This Year, Can Change The Stage, The Titantron. I Want To Play In Wrestlemania X8 Or In The Original ECW Arena.

    Create A Championship Belt. I Really Miss It

    Talking About The Entrances, I Really Like The New Modal Of The Announcement, But I Want To Make This Better, And I Know THQ Will Do That. Can Be…Create A Tag Team Entrance? More Like CAW Entrance, Edit Step By Step,

    Finally. (Yes I Know, I Want All Ja, ja) The Superstars Roster, This Year Are Amazing, Booker T, Nash, Vader, LOD, Demolition!!, A Great Surprises. But I Really Miss Jericho, Bret Hart. Really Sweet The Atention To The WCW This Year. But ECW? Dreamer, Sandman, Sabu, Funk, Mahoney Are Great To.

  6. Redd Ratc Robinson Says: Face scanning for CAS if u have a PS Eye Cam or A kinect, also A COD elite like Dlc service called WWE Alumni where the game mods a wrestler from WWe/ecw/wcw/awa/fcw that u want in the gAme then u download their entrance themes music,videos, entrance moves & their finishers
  7. Mic L. Garrett III Says: More new ways to customize your entrance video. That was pretty cold. But the Created person pretty much only do 10 things.
  8. Jamie Damien Wood Says:  King of the Ring Tournament / Create own Minitron
  9. Sunil Dominic Selvanayagam Says: Improved create an arena. with more parts to create… this is more like create a ring mode. they should also include past venues in the unlockables… I would love to play in past WrestleMania arenas. And also more detailed arenas. EG: roof, lighting rig detail. not just black ceilings anymore And I also realized in the first svr I think, the lights on the set and stage move. But the recent ones don’t move at all. giving them a stiff feeling and takes it away from the realism. and maybe a Road to WrestleMania from an actual WWE storyline from the past.. eg, more like a legend of WrestleMania thing sorta where we can change the past. because i know i would tap all those buttons on a controller and break it just to make Austin not pass out and whoop Bret Hart
  10. Alex Vasquez Says: Able to hear your costum theme song on online and able to dowloade other people theme songs too

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